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PRESENT RULER: Raja ACHUTYA DEVA RAYA, Zamindar of Anegundi, Senior Representative of the Royal House of Vijayanagar, born 4th August 1936, adoptive son of Rani Lal Kumari, Guru (Religious Head) of the Hindu Kshatriya Community, enjoys the customary privileges and and honours at Hampi Temple and at Anegondi Temple, during all religious functions as well as Muslim festivals, married Rani Chandrakanta Devi, born 11th October 1946, and has issue. (Anegondi House, Hospet, India)
Krishna Kumari, born 3rd October 1966, married Bharatraju Cheluvaraju.
Shri Krishna Deva Raya, born 6th October 1970, married Rathnashree Raya, born 11th July 1975, and has issue.
Tirumala Venkata Deva Raya, born 4th December 2000.

PREDECESSORS and SHORT HISTORY: Subjest to the Rulers of Bijapur and Golconda and then the territory of the old family estate of Anegundi was early in the eighteenth century held by the Rayas from the Mogul emperor of Delhi as a tributary state. In 1749 it was seized by the Mahrattas, and in 1775 it was reduced by Haidar Ali of Mysore, but continued to exist as a tributary quasi-independent state till the time of Tipu (Tippoo Sultan). Tipu, who never suffered from an excess of compunction or compassion when his own interests were at stake, annexed the estate bodily to his dominions in 1786. Thirteen years later he was killed at Seringapatam, and in the settlement that followed, the little territory was made over to the Nizam of Hyderabad, the English Government retaining all lands on their side of the Tungabhadra. Partly in compensation for this loss of land, the Government has till very recently paid an annual pension to the head of the Anegundi family. This was abolished in 1889 as no legal heir could be determined. In 1902 the allowance was set at 6,000Rs. Predecessors and Rulers were....
Veera Venkatapathi Rayalu, scion of the Vijayanagar Kingdom, married and had issue. He died before 1799.
Chellamma Sahiba, married Kumara Raghavaraju Dalwai, and had issue.
Pedda Pampapathi Raju, married and had issue.
Rangapathi Raju
Chinna Pampapathi Raju, married and had issue.
Kumara Raghava Raju, married and had issue.
Sadasiva Raju
Kodanda Rama Raju
Rani Kuppamma Sahiba (see below)
Pampapathi Raju [Raja PAMPATHI RAYA] (see below).
Raja THIRUMALA DEVA RAJU I -/1824, married and had issue. He died 1824.
Narasimha Raju (eldest), married and had issue.
Kesamma Sahiba, married and had issue.
Lakshmi Devamma Sahiba, married and had issue.

Raja VIRA VENKATAPATHI RAJU II 1824/1831, died sp 1831.
Raja THIRUMALA DEVA RAYALU II 1831/1866, married and had issue. He died 1866.
Raja VENKATA RAMA RAYALU 1866/1871, married and had issue. He died 1871.
Venkamma Sahiba
Rani Narsingamma Sahiba (qv)
Raja KRISHNA DEVA RAYALU 1871/1872, married (a) Rani Kuppamma Sahiba (qv), married (b) Rani Ijjamma Sahiba. He died sp 1872.
Raja PEDDA NARASIMHA RAJU 1872/1883, married Rani Narsingamma Sahiba. He died sp 1883.
Rani Narsingamma Sahiba 1883/1889, married Raja PEDDA NARASIMHA RAJU (see above). She died sp April 1889.
Raja SRI RANGA DEVA RAYALU [Pampapathi Raju] 1889/1918, granted the title of Raja as a Hereditary distinction in 1902, married Rani Narasingamma, died 1962, and had issue. He died 10th December 1918.
Santha Kondamma
Tirumala Kondamma
Durbar Raja KRISHNA DEVA RAYA (qv)
Tirumala Deva Raya, married Rani Rajendra Kumari, died 17th January 1989, and had issue. He died 17th December 1996.
Raja Rama Deva Rayalu, married Vijaya Kumari.
Vijaya Kumari
Shankar Kumari
Harihara Deva Raya, died 20th August 1987.
Venkata Deva Raya, born 27th April 1919, married Rani Lakshmidevamma, and had issue. He died 27th November 1979.
Raja Sri Ranga Deva Rayalu, M.L.A. of Gangavati constituency, married Lalita Rani.
Raja Narasimha Deva Rayalu, Advocate and Central Notary of Hospet, married Mohini.
Raghu Deva Rayalu, died 24th December 1969.
Rani Kuppamma Sahiba 1918/-, married Raja KRISHNA DEVARAYA (see above), died sp 1872, adopted her brother (Pampapathi Rayalu) in 1888, died 7th July 1946.
Durbar Raja KRISHNA DEVA RAYA -/1966, born 30th November 1911, married Rani Lal Kumari, died sp 4th November 1984. He died sp 17th June 1966.
Rani Lal Kumari 1966/-, married Durbar Raja KRISHNA DEVA RAYA (see above), born 30th November 1911, died sp 17th June 1966, adopted Achyuta Deva Raya, son of Venkata Deva Raya and Rani Lakshmidevamma. She died sp 4th November 1984.